I received the endorsement last summer through peer review. It cost many a chaffed nickel. I didn't "advance" because of it, I  had to get it in order to retain the position I have had for a couple of years, which was already at teacher-level. I'm not that surprised that a lot of folks got it because transcript review was cheap and easy and resulted in an added endorsement.

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I think it would be interesting and valuable to develop a data base of folks that are getting the endorsement. I am concerned that some of these folks are endorsed but still in positions that are support staff or aides. I think we need to collect as much information about them so we can begin to influence the way school districts view the endorsement and the position - whatever it is called.

On Mar 8, 2005, at 9:57 AM, Bill Romond wrote:

I've been following this discussion with interest since I've been involved in some capacity with the development of the Educational Technology Specialist endorsement since the idea first (formally) emerged from the VITA-Learn Board about 6 years ago. There had been calls for the endorsement from the field prior to the 28-member Board making the proposal to the Department of Ed

I checked with Licensing at the DOE and learned that about 42 people in Vermont now have received the endorsement. Most of those people achieved the endorsement through transcript review, although two received it through an interstate reciprocal agreement and only four have been recommended through the Peer Review process.

A large number of the transcript review folks volunteered to serve on peer review panels, but since only a few have chosen that route, it is understandable that some of you have not been asked to serve on a peer review panel.

I was a little surprised at how many have actually received the endorsement since the requirement is fairly narrow. You can find out more about the requirement through a link found on the DOE site:
http://www.state.vt.us/educ/new/html/pgm_edtech.html. Click on "Application Process for the New Educational Technology Specialist Endorsement" and you'll find some definitions concerning who must hold this endorsement.

By the way, I don't know if we can find out which districts are employing these 42 individuals, but will investigate.

Thanks -

Bill Romond
Vermont Department of Education

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       >I too was interested in the question posed: which districts/schools are
       >employing IT endoresed educators.
       >I also had a transcript review of courses for my C.A.G.S. in IT from St.
       >Mike's and received the new endorsement. At the time of my CAGS the
       >endorsement was in Computer Science. I also inquired about participating
       >peer review panel but have not heard anything. So this is an interesting
       Perhaps the Integration specialist endorsement will be like the fallen
       wheat chaff on the newly minted nickel. Rare enough to actually be worth
       something? Then again, there are an awful lot of perfectly spendable
       nickels out there and not many people are looking for the chaff.

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