Taj, et al.

I've ventured back to the Intervale Compost Project a handful of times this week but only for 5-15 mins at a time (enough to give a pretty thorough scan to Compost/McNeil and surrounding fields) and have NOT seen any sign of a gyr. The bald eagle has been a regular there in the mornings though. Red Taileds everywhere.

I've yet to search from the Beltline, Ethan Allen Farmstead, cliffs/quarry N. of I-89 Winooski Bridge or Airport area which are all viable perches/hunting grounds if the bird(s) is still around.


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 I am coming up to Burlington on Thursday and i am wondering if anyone has searched for the Gyrfalcon since the 26th? has anyone been successful?  Taj Schottland Putney VT --- On Mon 02/28, Carl J. Anderson < [log in to unmask] > wrote:
From: Carl J. Anderson [mailto: [log in to unmask]]To: [log in to unmask]: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 18:57:52 -0500Subject: [VTBIRD] 2/26 intervale gyrfalconSorry for the late post, but I spotted a GYRFALCON from the intervale compostfacility on Saturday around 2:00. I saw this bird flying north from thetreeline along the Winooski. I hadn't yet read the previous posts, and prettyquickly settled on gyrfalcon based on size, pointed wings, and tail not quitelong enough for acciptors. My impression was of a light morph with overallgreyish/light-brownish appearance, but I did not get the close-up looks thatMichael et al described. There seemed to be RED-TAILED HAWKS dripping fromthe trees bordering the field that day. Also today in Shoreham there were twoflocks of approx. 25 to 30 HORNED LARKS working the cut cornfields borderingthe lake.Carl AandersonBurlington

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