But Tom,  Mozart was FOND of his starling.

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  I had a similar experience yesterday noon,  just as the storm was blowing in
  -- a small flock of 6-8 redpolls feeding voraciously along with the usual
  cloud of goldfinches, purple finches, nuthatches, etc. Also yesterday had
  several pine siskins with (?) the redpolls -- and three very large,
  evil-looking starlings. No redpolls, siskins or starlings today.

          Tom Slayton

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  > As I headed out the door this cold, blustery AM I was greeted by a
  > small flock (6-8) of redpolls mixed in with an equal number of
  > goldfinches feeding on the thistle seed.  Only the second sighting of
  > redpolls at our feeder this year, so I was quite happy.  All the birds
  > must have been hungry after the cold night, because there was a lot of
  > action (chickadees and nuthatches as well) for 6:15am.
  > Graham
  > Waterbury, VT