Hi all,

I wanted to summarize the responses that I received regarding my question on
moving the medical library, as well as to thank everyone who responded with
such great advice.  I'll try to keep the summary as concise as possible.

Preliminary work before the move:

Weed as much as possible before the move, and also decide on furniture that
you're not taking.

Lobby for adequate manpower to move the library, preferably a moving company
that specializes in library moves.  Two names of recommended companies are
William B. Meyer, Inc. and Hallett Brothers.  These companies have
heavy-duty booktrucks so that journals can be taken off the shelves without
being boxed up.  Insist on site inspections so that the quote is accurate.

Make sure the floor where the library will be moving meets the building code
for load bearing and floors are reinforced appropriately.

Work with the person designing the space to make sure the measurements are
accurate, the shelving will all fit, and outlets are included where the
computers and other equipment are going to be arranged.  Try to be involved
in planning the lighting, as the lights should go between the stacks and not
directly overhead.

Notify MIS of the move and get them involved in the logistics of Internet

Recruit a "second" -- a person that you can rely on moving day to be at one
end of the move while you're on the other.

Get a realistic estimate of the amount of time to do the move, plan to close
the library, and publicize that well in advance.  Have the computer and your
desk moved first so that handle any emergency requests on moving day.

Make back up copies of any important computer files and take them home for
safekeeping.  Go inactive on Docline.

Have the graphics dept. do signage for the new library, including any
directional signs.

Day of the move activities:

Have all volunteers come in to help out.  Feed the movers.

Put colored dots on the end of each subscription run so the movers know when
to start the next subscription.  Put stickee notes indicating how many
inches to leave between subscriptions.

I did find out that we will be using professional movers, so that's a big
relief.  We are also replacing the 30-year old shelving so that should also
make the day go smoother.

Thx again to all for the advice!

Ann Ferrari
Behan Health Science Library
Jefferson Regional Medical Center
Pgh, PA
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