At 07:25 AM 3/9/2005, Justin wrote:

>next: journalism and marketing, skip?  hmmm.  i shouldn't... i won't... i'm
>on step 3 of a flame 12 step anyway...  i'm just going to swith on my
>liberal media and listen to carl castle warp my brain with his leftist

If such is your goal, you won't get it from Carl Castle (who is a radio
god, imho - man, what pipes!).

You can snuff the pilot on the flamethrower, Justin, because I'm not
referring to political orientation, nor to real or imagined biases of
various media outlets.  I'm talking about the battle for eyeballs and ears,
which translates directly into revenues - or loss thereof.  Even on outlets
such as NPR (perhaps especially on NPR).  News is becoming more and more of
a commodity; in the tactical firefights between news outlets, the line
between true news and entertainment continues to blur. The goal and net
results are the same:  come to my mountain (network) rather than that
mountain (network) down the road (two clicks away on the remote).

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous - here we are now, entertain us!"

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