Skip wrote:
>I'm talking about the battle for eyeballs and ears,
>which translates directly into revenues - or loss thereof.  Even on outlets
>such as NPR (perhaps especially on NPR).  News is becoming more and more of
>a commodity; in the tactical firefights between news outlets, the line
>between true news and entertainment continues to blur.

A sure-to-be-classic example was Fox (Faux?) "News" last week which,
somewhere within the first 20 minutes of their nightly news program, ran a
piece on one of the latest American Idol* losers and what they're going to
do now. It wasn't even presented as "Entertainment News".

*a Fox show, for those out of touch with pop culture. (I know one long time
lister who proudly doesn't own a TV an, as such, is charmingly clueless on

-marc, feeling stupid and contagious.

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