The Vermont Passport (didn't they rename it to the Vermont Pass this year?)
requires that you go to three *different* ski areas in Vermont.  There were
blackouts for various holidays (e.g., Christmas, DrMLKjr, Presidents' Day)
but those have all probably already happened by now.  And, of course, the
Pass[port] is good only for the current season, although it doesn't show any
signs of ending.

I thought that the Vermont Pass[port] was not supposed to be transferrable.
 Mine has my name and address printed on it.  And I have to sign my name
each time I redeem one of the three coupons.  Now, of course, you could just
sign the name that is printed on the card, and no one has ever asked me for
duplicate ID.  But I didn't think the intention was for them to be

Lew Lasher

>Yes, I'm looking to sell something, but it is a deal
>and 100 percent Vt.-focused. I am in possession of the
>"Vermont passport" - three days of skiing at any
>Vermont ski area for $125. I have two of these that
>are unused and can transfer them to anyone. If someone
>wants to buy them from me, please contact me b/c ASAP.
>There are no restrictions and they can be transferred
>to you as soon as practically possible.

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