To follow up, I checked around and its sad when Boston and Providence have
had more snow than Big Mountain, Montana.  Places in VT, NH, and ME have a
deeper snow depth than many areas in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon,
and British Columbia.  I can't believe places like Red Mountain, B.C. is
closed for the season.  Whistler and Blackcomb are downloading on their
gondolas, in mid-March.  Mid-mountain snow depth at Whistler is 49" right
now.  And we thought it was bad here in January when the stake on
Mansfield was stuck around 40".  Caribou, Maine has had more seasonal
snowfall than Whistler.  Another storm or two and Worcestor, Boston,
Concord, and Portland will catch up to them.  Mount Baker's base depth is
22-32" right now and they have closed until further notice (as per my last
post).  I cannot fathom how the place that normally gets 600" of snowfall
only has a two foot base in mid-March.

If you want to get really depressed (or excited about how good we actually
have it here in the east) some of the reports on Red
Mountain.  Baldface Lodge catskiing doesn't look to good either from those

I hope the Valhalla crew lucks out...either that or Valhalla Powder Cats
have some acess to very high elevation stuff.


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