> Confirms my early morning suspicions of what the day would be
> like. Locales that were in the mid-40's in bright sun with
> corn yesterday were 8F this morning with a predicted high of
> mid-20's.....the Wasatch equivalent of a northeast rain/freeze cycle.

It's a good analogy, one that I raised several times throughout the day. You
made a good call. Had Sharon and Pam not been visiting, I would have called
it a day by lunch. As it was I quit by 2:30 after only 11,000 verts, about
half of my normal day's tally.

Perhaps worst of all, it seems that they groomed way too early last night,
before everything had set up, so even the groomers were not a respite from
the rock-hard stuff elsewhere.

But, lest I sound like a whiner, it was a beautiful day to be outside in the
mountains today, as those photos show. I've never seen it that clear.

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