band of sweetness was 100% this weekend at MRG.


Isn't your 6 week leg healing period over Dan?




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(sound of wind, blowing through still unbudded branches)



Sure is quiet out there.


So in the interest of conversation, here's a question.


Skipped out on work yesterday afternoon to plunder the finest cornfields of

New Jersey. The hunt was successful, if you can call 60 verts of silky,

throwable corn a good crop. Yes, 60 feet is definitely higher than an

elephant's eye, but I admit, I was hoping for, um... more.


No matter which route I took down mighty Granite Mtn. (Mtn Krock's middle

peak), the top 45% was a bit scratchy, the bottom 50% a bit gloppy, and the

5% in between a bit absolutely pure delight. The kind of stuff you can toss

your afternoon weight around in, send up heavy wet yellowy-white plumes from

the tails of your skis, and generally feel invincible.


But 5%?


List snow experts, is that typical?

What kind of weather patterns lead to such a narrow band of sweetness?

What does it take to set up corn that goes on and on and on?



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