Every once in a while there is a day when the moon and all the planets align with Earth, the stock market rises continuously, there is total peace in the mid East, the government cancels all taxes and everyone wins a lottery.  Well maybe not today but one thing completely out of the ordinary occurred-----Shirley and I agreed that it was the best day of skiing for both of us this season so far. 
Where was everyone??  SKIVT-lers are notorious for taking advantage of skiing opportunities.  The $34 we spent on two tickets is probably the best money spent on skiing  in as long as I can remember.  Perfect weather, perfect soft packed powder groomers, perfect soft powder moguls on almost all the black diamond runs and as good snow in the woods as I have seen thus far this season were all there today.  We made the 105 mile jaunt in 2 hr 25 min arriving about 9:20 and were able to park only three tiers down from the lodge.  I would sure hate to wind up way down near the bottom on a real busy day.  Do they run a parking lot pick up shuttle during prime season??  They were running one ticket window and I was third in line when I got there.  It appeared the hoards weren't going to beat down the door for $17 tickets.  Go figure. 
The main thing we both noticed about the place was how user friendly it was.  We both never got lost even though we skied separate runs some times with plans to meet at an agreed intersection or somewhere .  It worked every time which is more than I can say for trying to do the same thing at places we frequent more often.  I only sampled some of the more obvious woods shots and they were all really decent.  They weren't all moguled up like Jay Peak gets and for the most part fresh lines could be found since when ever the last snowfall was.  In the morning the blue squares were velvety soft powder and often I made plans by the map to try certain trails and we both got in the zone so intently that we missed the cut offs or the intended trails we were headed toward.  I remember FIS and the uppermost liftline being exhausting and wiping me out when I was there in my early 20s.  Today it seemed effortless to just float down them&n! bsp; like a feather in a stream.  Bravo and Exterminator were also like this.  Am I in that much better shape now than 35 years ago?  I don't think so.  I think it was because the snow was "THAT" good.  It also helps to have today's 170 cm skis and not the old 210 straight planks I was using back then even though they were some of the best you could get. 
We both wore our plaid and I frequently made calls on the radio to try and find some plaidsters.  I heard a child and a father once discussing chocolate bars and later another topic about needing to share something and I thought it might be Dave G and the kids.  My radios aren't that good at distance and maybe it was someone over at MRG or South and I was picking them up.  Around 2 PM everyone either split or headed to the bar to toast St. Patty I guess because it became almost a ghost town on the slopes and lifts. 
Another highlight was the unbelievable view from the summit.  We could see the full length of Lake Champlain and WF over the lake.  It sure didn't look 2 1/2 hrs away.  Then we just looked over our shoulder to the east and there were all the Presidentials.  A couple of times we just stood there speechless without any hurry to head down.   
Today was just one of those days you wish you could "can" and reopen on a cold, nasty one of those below zero days just after it rained in December or January.  I would gather that Vermont's ski season is at peak right about now.  I am going to get some more this weekend.            Jimski

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