Excellent report.  My friend Greg and I found unbelievable conditions at Jay Peak yesterday also.  No corn, no melting, just plenty of powder everywhere.  The Mc Glades were at their finest in as long as I can remember.  Fresh tracks could still be found in Deliverance and Vertigo.  BBP was soft and bumpy but not skier caused moguls but simply obstacle covered snow bumps.  I consider that good because I came home with my skis just as sharp and clean as when I arrived there.  The place is amazing. 
 I could definitely see a difference between Jay and SBN from just two days before.  Way more snow at Jay and thats not just a subjective analysis. There were a few south facing woods shots at SBN that were melting out but we couldn't even find one bad section of snow anywhere at Jay.   That power line (or phone line) that comes up beside the Bonaventure chair near the entrance to Canyonlands is way lower than it was about a month ago when I went.  The ski racks near the base lodge are half buried and they aren't going to be moving them around for a while.  We were trying to find the sign for the entrance of North Glade and it was buried. A phenomenon that I have never seen was that the entire top of Can Am was covered from one side to the other and in pretty good condition.  Every other time I have been there I have encountered some noticeable bare section that needed to be circumvented to get to either Vertigo or Deliverance.  Jay must get perpetually flurries if they don't get major dumps all the time because it just keeps piling up.
We never got to ride the tram because the lines just kept getting longer and longer all day.  Greg suggested we poach the single line in each of the lifts to minimize down time.  Boy did that work out fantastic.  The lines were stuffed on all the lifts and we were never more than one or two minutes waiting by just riding with either two or three other people on each particular lift.  We covered every conceivable combination of glades we could from each ride up.  Then we did doubles on some toward the end of the day.  I have never run a marathon but my body seriously hurt last night.  I would go right back tomorrow if I had the chance and do it all over again.  If Stowe is anything near as good as Jay it might be the best party snow wise that I have ever attended even with more gradual melt down over the next two weeks. Things are good over in Vermont.  I would only clarify your final conclusion with "! the best of times (of this season for sure)".    Jimski  

James L Crowley <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Can someone pinch me and tell me that Vermont has not moved to the Rocky

Even though it hasn't snowed in 7 days, during which time there were sunny skies
with temps in the valleys at and above 40 F nearly every day that put a sun
crust on everything that does not face north, there is still boot-top to
knee-deep powder on north-facing slopes on top of a 3-4 foot base in the Green
Mountains of central VT. Jonathan and I skied dry powder again today on
north-facing slopes, yet the temperature at 2500 foot was 38 degrees F and in
the valleys it was 50+ F. Not a breath of wind and stellar views of the
Adirondacks and Whites. This is Colorado-like.

This weekend was an outstanding combination of sun and powder. You want sun and
warm temps with corn snow, then step out of the want fluffy
untracked powder, then step! into the shadows. The difference between corn and
powder was often only several feet, depending on shade and aspect. I don't
think I can ever remember such a stretch of great snow with great weather.

And it looks like this weather pattern is going to continue for at least another

This winter has gone from one of the worst ever to a very, very special one.

These are indeed the best of times.


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