Over the last couple of years, SkiVt-L has developed a life of it's
own, what with green plaid streaming from folks equipment and stickers
and Vahalla Powdercat trips and whatnot. Discourse has been mostly
civil, with a large measure of self-policing of fractious voices and

So I'm a little surprised at the directionless anarchy regarding the
2005 11th Annual Partee. I didn't think I was such a charismatic leader
that things would so disintegrate in my absence.

Good news is that the Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner who looked at my
knee Tuesday thinks that the damage is mostly bone bruise and not soft
tissue: keep off it (how long? dunno), ice it, wear a compression
bandage, come back in two weeks for look-see by my surgeon. But I dunno
if that's enough to a) convince my wife to let me organize a party b)
do anything athletic once I'm there. Maybe easy touring on ridgeline
(to what end?) or slowdog noodles on Toll Road (where I have proven it
possible to fracture a shoulder)? I dunno.

So anyway, here's the deal. I'm willing to try to pull something
together last minute, IFF (mathematical jargon for If and ONLY If)
there is sufficient interest shown to make it worth my while and not
get burned. Sufficient interest as measured by 25-30 YEA votes in the
form of public or private emails from ticket-purchasing members of this

Here's the proposed deal:

Saturday April 2: Mad River Glen
Sunday   April 3: Stowe

Cost: $34 for Sunday at Stowe; Still waiting to here what MRG will cost
-- It's Annual Shareholder meeting day, so all shareholders ski for
free. It's $58 for two-day ticket at Stowe (Saturday and Sunday), but
I'm thinking of making that available only to full-time snowboarders
who cannot or will not stoop to two-planking it for a day. WIth luck,
the MRG tix would come in at a price keeping the two-day cost the same
for all.

I need a guaranteed  20 (twenty) paying customers for the Stowe deal to
work, thus the 25-30 votes, to give me some wiggle room in the event of
no shows. All tickets would need to be prepaid by check or Paypal.

So there you have it -- let the voting begin. And apologies if there is
any sort of tone of grumpiness in the above -- I'm sitting home today
with ice on my knee and a nasty intestinal virus, reduced to watching
ski videos with my son while my visiting in-laws are tearing up MRG in
the sunshine (grump grump)

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