All kidding aside, I too would vote for a rebuild were I able to vote,
as long as ticket prices would not rise.  $50 dollars is steep for
MadVail and they should lock on that price for as long as possible.
The recent yearly increases have been staggering and disappointing.
To their credit, though, this year MadVail's Deals and Coupons
offerings have been a huge bonus.  Bravo!  Keep up the creativity and

If they vote yes to rebuild, I would strongly urge that they consider
an electric drive.  As I understand it from a shareholder, an electric
drive would allow MadVail to load and unload skiers only from the
mid-station during early and late season.  It is also more cost
effective and healthier for the environment.

If an electric drive is not a possibility, what about a biodiesel
engine?  Not only would it be a good environmental move, but with the
smell of french fries wafting through the base area food and beverage
sales would jump substantially.

--Matt K.

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