"Dulik, Andy (US - Jericho) wrote:

> Dana wrote:
>> Someday I'll get a helmet-cam
> Mouth Cam.  I hear they are cheaper.

The thing I love about Dana's shots--and Matt, it's not like I haven't
you a couple times on this--you can "choose" where you're goin'. With
mouth-cam I'm following the snow too low to think about where to turn."

Still, Duphphy's shots do offer some nice suprises, like when his ski
tips suddenly climb over a buried log or a tree suddenly appears in the
view, etc.

I am of a like mind as Dan about the pacifier cam viewing angle being
less than ideal, but a little more scaffolding and it might give you
more of a driver's seat angle.  I've given some thought to this, since
my digicam is the same $50 POS as Matt's, but I've got to get a new
computer first to begin to make it worthwhile.


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