Ben that was exactly what I was thinking about the judging.  A nice appreciation for both styles-yes.  I was also thinking though, wouldn't it of been cool if we threw the skis back for a tie-breaker?  The icy kicker they built on the practice slope?  It would have been the perfect arena- with the bar full of people and all. 

Nice job Ben, I couldn't think of a nicer guy to have a chair with his name on it, hanging in the Base box for another 50 years or so (even if they start hanging names on double chairs soon). 

As far as Ice Land- with all this tie stuff and mutual complimenting blah blah blah, who thinks it makes sense for Ben to take me along?  "Some thing tells me I'm into something good" (Naked Gun style days in the land of ice).  Nice job Lars as well, great crowd to do a comp with. 

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