We have DakTech computers at Richmond Elementary ... ummmm ... our tech
team didn't agree with me when we were deciding on a vendor for our
district so I switched to Gateway with everyone else.  Remember this
Jean? ;-)

The support is absolutely awesome.  Never a wait and never a person who
doesn't speak English.  The tech support people have been working with
the company for several years, are very knowledgeable and they don't
make me jump through hoops when I have diagnosed a problem.  Steve
Larson is a great customer service rep who has worked at the company for
several years, too, unlike some other companies where we get a different
person every other month.

That said, we have had to pay return shipping on parts that were under
warranty, unlike Gateway which covers shipping.  Lately, shipping has
been coverd on small stuff, but I think we had to pay to return a
monitor last fall.  The cases are not as easy to work inside as they
advertise.  Also, we have had several issues with sticky CD Roms and
mice that couldn't be cleaned well enough to make them work (they did
replace them). Of course, these computers are 4 - 5 years old so
probably the quality has improved.

Compared to Gateway, better service, with only a slightly inferior


Joanne Finnegan, Technology Coordinator
Richmond and Jericho Elementary Schools
(802) 434-2461
(802) 899-2272

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005 at 3:51 PM +0000 wrote:
>We have purchased DakTech computers.  Pricing in the $700 range. Very
>good service and Tech Support. Great warranty.
I also have been using DakTech computers for a whole bunch of years.
have always stood up to their 7 year warrantee, the machines have been
solid and dependable. The rep that I have dealt with over the years
Larson  [log in to unmask] ) has become almost like a co-worker. He
always made sure that any problem (sometimes not even directly related
one of their machines) get attention and resolution quickly and
 Bottom line: can't say enough good
Neil M
>Kenneth Kleinman
>Essex Town School District
>802-878-8168 ext 107
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>What is your preferred desktop PC computer brand to buy for your
>How much are you willing to pay for a system?
>Is the tech support good?

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