As it happens this is not a pun or funny story email!!!!!

At our school, Windsor High School, we have two areas where computers are used.  The first is the Mac Lab, run ably by MaryAnn Bennett, and Wall Street -- the Business Classroom -- run by me.  The Mac Lab has a small subsection called the Snow Lab -- since it's white -- which adds to the technology configuration.  Hence, there are a number of computer areas available to students.  The Wall Street computer area is devoted to the Business Classes, and, since I'm a business type, I've named my classroom Wall Street.

The "ratio" is not necessarily the concern.  What is the concern, in my mind, in the number of students -- at any given time -- which must have access to computers.  "Ratio" to me means the number of students sharing one computer at any moment.  This, as I see it, is a ratio. 


You can calculate the number of computers required in a school by each student:  hence, if you have 1000 students, and 200 computers, your student/computer ratio is 4:1.  However, will each student need a computer at once, causing a melange in server time?  Is there a way to alleviate this kluge?  Do your students need to use these computers on a regular basis, or, do they use them on a sporadic basis?  Therefore, the "ratio", of which you speak, or as I understand it, seems to require more definition.

As a further example, if you have 1000 students who require -- because of teacher assignments -- continual computer exposure and usage, then, as I see it your ratio is 1:1 and you should have 1000 computers.  If this is not a viable option -- and only you and your faculty can make this determination -- then you should consider how many students will require computers and at what times during the day.

I hope I've been of some minimal assistance.

Have an uptick day!!!!!


Larry Booker

Windsor High School (Vermont's Flagship School)


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>I have been asked by our school board to find figures for the student-to -computer ratio in high schools in Vermont. Does anyone know of a good recent source for this information? The school reports on the Dept of Ed website only list 2000 figures.
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