> Apple computers which to be way more expensive

Used to be - have you seen the Mac Mini? We are considering this as an
upgrade for our oldest Pentium machines. After all, we already have the
monitors, and a PS2/USB adapter is about $15.

I don't mean to stir the pot too much, but in my mind the multimedia
software installed on a Mac makes the price worthwhile, plus the lack of
virus problems (although we still protect our newest Macs). We support both
equally, and have FAR fewer troubles with the Mac OS, particularly when it
comes to software and peripheral installation.

Compatability issues are really a thing of the past if everyone is running
the same Application software (MS Office or OpenOffice). Of course, it seems
to be harder to teach Windows users the Mac OS than to teach Mac users
Windows. Hmmm...

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury/Duxbury Schools
Waterbury, VT

>but they don't get stuck with viruses or spyware.
> Wes Vaughan
> Tech Director
> Bellows Falls Union HS
> Rockingham School District
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>> Subject: desktop computers
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>> What is your preferred desktop PC computer brand to buy for your school
>> environment?
>> How much are you willing to pay for a system?
>> Is the tech support good?
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