I got so worked up about the material this thread had strayed into that
I forgot to respond to the original question.

Here in Montpelier we are roughly 50/50 Mac & PC.  Technically, I have
the final word on all tech purchases, but, in reality, I just sign my
name to anything my Mac guys ask for.  On the PC side it's different: I
just sign my name to anything my PC guy asks for.

I've been buying Dell desktops exclusively since 1996.  I have no cause
for regret - but how would I know if I haven't tried anything else in so
long?   I won't argue that Dell is a better choice than this or that
other, but I will say we have had relatively few problems over the
years.  Usually, when we call support, it's due to a disk fry. They
overnight us a new one and we're back up and running the next day.

We have "major account status" (which is a term to make us feel
important that probably means we buy more than two machines a year), so
we get to talk to Americans when we call support.  They may not be as
smart as the guys in Bangalore, but at least an old guy like me (with
more hearing loss than I'm willing to admit to having) can understand
what they're saying.  And we usually don't have to wait too long for
whatever misinformation they have to give us. Dell's tech support
probably isn't as good as it was five or six years ago - but, then,
neither am I.


Vincent Rossano
Information Technology Director
Montpelier Public Schools
58 Barre Street
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