I may be mistaken, but I think Dennis uses a Watchguard firewall. One
of the settings is to block SYN flood attacks. The Watchguard can
mistakenly identify an IP address as the source of a SYN flood attack
and block it. Rebooting the Watchguard might help, although I know this
is not possible right now with everyone gone.

Another thought: Maybe it's the IMAP setting on the firewall. Did you
try retrieving email with a POP3 client? Can they send mail? If so, SMTP
must be working.

Doug Reaves

>>> [log in to unmask] 4/19/2005 11:04:43 AM >>>
We are having trouble reaching U32's website.  Here's why we need to:
the office of a local community service organization is housed  in my
building but they use U32 for their email.  Since last Friday, they've
been unable to retrieve their email via their Outlook IMAP clients,
are they able to access the U32 website to use the web client.  When
attempt to reach the U32 site from other people's machines here at the
central office, we are also unable.   No one is having any problems
going anywhere else on the Internet.

Okay, U32's problem right?  That's not entirely clear.  These folks
access U32's site from home just fine.  And - here's the "interesting"
part - *I* can access the website from both of my office PCs.
Furthermore, one of these folks has an AOL account and can access the
website fine from her workstation here using the AOL browser.
information:  the AOL browser goes out with an AOL IP address, not
Montpelier's AND my two PCs are statically NATted; other people's
machines use dynamic NAT and go out with this IP address:
Is U32 blocking access from this address?  Why would they?

I wish I could consult with someone at U32 on this, but I understand
that Dennis Beloin has left their employment and neither of his two
assistants are responding to our phone calls (probably on break).
anyone have any suggestions about where my problem may lie?  Do some
firewalls not accept requests from dynamically NATted clients?  (That
would be pretty stupid, but, hey, I'm pretty stupid too so who am I to

Any opinions welcomed (NOT about whether I'm stupid or not!).


Vincent Rossano
Information Technology Director
Montpelier Public Schools
58 Barre Street
Montpelier, VT 05602

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