On Apr 21, 2005, at 9:51 PM, Vince Rossano wrote:

> But that raises the question of what this listserv SHOULD be.

Listservs are multifunctional ... they are "communities of discourse"
... and naturally reflect the diversity of subscribers, white hats
versus black hats, 1 button versus 2 buttons (versus 3 buttons), etc.

Are listservs the best way, however, to support a community ?
Especially a community within a community? Probably not.

I read School-IT using Mac mail, and the messages appear right in my
"in box", mixed with appeals for help rescuing megabucks from foreign
banks and and for rescuing crashed courses from the bit bin. Basically,
I'm ok with this ... I can usually scan and delete email in 2 or 2

I can image reading this using something like FirstClass (or Exchange
or LotusNotes or ...) where all of the "School-IT" mail is
automatically put into a little "basket" with a counter telling me how
many messages are in it. (I could even program my own mail package to
do this with just a few clicks ...)

I can imagine reading it via a portal page .... where the headlines of
new posts would appear, and then a small tag telling me how many
comments there were ... sort of a slashdot affair.

UVM is in the process of an Email RFP, and the software we are using
for reading, storing, and sending email may be changing. Fingers
crossed, we will be getting a package that supports more delivery
options to help readers manage the their infoflow better ...