What I need most and would like to see includes:

General Overview information on lan/wan management and security issues
- not too highly "granular" technical
ie- best practices on windows desktop setups- ghosting/imaging
remote management of workstations including software management, AV
spyware, adware, malware strategies
most important--
Strategies for monitoring traffic, assessing threats and distinguishing
non threats (false positive port scans)
configuring firewalls, interpreting firewall logs.... ( I have been
reading many online threads about suspicious repetitive icmp/pings,
potential port scans or attempts to probe vulnerabilities...some of
which may be serious- some not but hard to tell which???
identifying intruders at the castle door,
understanding of tcp, udp, icmp packets, which and how to block, which
are necessary to leave open for users and allowed applications

understanding some of the more important port traffic to be wary of...
ie- doing netstat -a command on any given windows machine yields a
different list of listening ports
port 1025 might say network blackjack but since 1025 is the first
dynamically assigned port it could actually be any number of things..

in short- I would like to leave with a top ten ( or 20 or 30) list of
practical useful things I can be doing to maintain a healthy network
(more or less)
without needing to understand all there is to know about TCP/IP theory
and practice.....

On Mar 31, 2005, at 11:28 AM, Peter Drescher wrote:

We associated with the UVM-VI partnership grant are planning a
Institute in the summer in Randolph.  Three days, July 11-13. We are
looking at different strands.. In watching this list we have noticed
there have been a number of technical concerns and discussions around
If you were to attend a summer training around specific Technical
What might they be?

Security?  Wireless Networks?  Anti virus/Spam?  Routing and Switching?

In the next couple of days it would be great if the list could generate
needs concentration in this area.....

Thanks in advance....

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