I've had an odd problem crop up in our lab. The grammar Check
function in MS Word is locking up our systems.  In our lab we're running
Office 97 sp2 on a Dell Optiplex GX270's, with XP pro SP2, Novell Client
v. 4.90 sp2,  and Zenworks Agent 4.00.

   When the "Check grammar while typing" option is checked in the
preferences, Word will use up all available resources continuously
checking the document and eventually will crash. If the Check grammar
while typing option is unchecked Word will run fine. The Check grammar
with spelling option also needs to be deselected otherwise spell check
will fail with this error "There was an unexpected error in the grammar
Checker. Word Cannot complete the grammar check."

  I've tried uninstalling the program and deleting the Office folder,
then re-installing Office to no effect. I have had little luck finding
any solutions on the web. I've tried running word in "compatibility
mode"  for Win 98 and 2000 didn't work either. I've done the basic run
through on check disk and sfc to make sure files hadn't been altered or
corrupted. It's not an issue with permissions as it happens under all
profiles. Virus and addware scans come up clean.

  I first saw this happen to a couple of Win2k boxes this fall, but
they were quickly re-imaged rather than chasing down the problem. I
could roll our lab back to an earlier image, but it may happen again
next time I have to update the images. I would love to find a fix! Has
anyone seen this before or have an idea what the conflict may be?

   -Russell Leete
   Montpelier School District