At Milton, we use a similar convention:
Faculty/staff:  first ltr of first name followed by the last name
students:  first 3 ltrs of first name followed by the last name

If we have a duplicate, then we add a 2 to the end of the duplicate's last
name.  By doing the first 3 ltrs of the first name for students, I have
found that the # of duplicates is very minimal.

Fred Wadlington, Systems Administrator
Milton Town School District
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>What naming conventions do you use for similar or identical login
>Our naming convention is last name and first initial.  What do you do
>when you have John Smith and Jill Smith - smithjo and smithji, or
>smithj1 and smithj2, or something else?

>What do you do with two identical names, for example two James Jones?
>Is there one industry standard or several?
>Having an identity crisis,
>Steve Jarrett
>District Technology Coordinator
>Mount Mansfield Union School District
>Chittenden East Supervisory Union
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