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>Forcing educators to look at technical issues and
>support demands, and forcing techies to address the educational goals
>and creative aspirations of users along with stability. Now there's
>something to talk about. Any thoughts ?

I think the time has come.  I know that here in Milton we struggle with
that balance.  Luckily, I have two "techies" who will go "head to head"
with me and we usually reach a mutually agreeable compromise/solution.
Even though it isn't always pleasant, it is critical that each side listen
to the other and consider the facts along with each other's opinion.  I
shudder to think of the school system where there is no balance. In such a
system it is likely that they have a crazy wide open network where
anything goes or it is closed down so tightly that the end user can barely
use the tool. On the other hand, I have met a few unique individuals in
Vermont schools who are able to single handedly strike that balance.  I
marvel at their ability to accomplish this.

There are so many issues involved... downloading, virus protection, email,
access levels,etc. The list goes on.  So... I agree. Lets talk about them.
 Pick one or two at a time and let people have at it.  I tend to stay on
the side of the list but I usually enjoy the "rant"... and when I don't
agree and start to get p... off...  I know where the delete key is...

Take care.


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