For the benefit of a particular school board member, I actually tracked our support and expenses issues on Mac vs. Win PC for a little over a year.  The results: the Macs required far less support time per unit, and the additional cost turned out to be $.47 (yes, 47 CENTS) per machine.  Certainly worth it in my estimation.

That school board member is now a Mac owner and loving it.

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Plus Macs have a great reliability record.

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>> Apple computers which to be way more expensive
> Used to be - have you seen the Mac Mini? We are considering this as an
> upgrade for our oldest Pentium machines. After all, we already have the
> monitors, and a PS2/USB adapter is about $15.
> I don't mean to stir the pot too much, but in my mind the multimedia
> software installed on a Mac makes the price worthwhile, plus the lack of
> virus problems (although we still protect our newest Macs). We support both
> equally, and have FAR fewer troubles with the Mac OS, particularly when it
> comes to software and peripheral installation.
> Compatability issues are really a thing of the past if everyone is running
> the same Application software (MS Office or OpenOffice). Of course, it seems
> to be harder to teach Windows users the Mac OS than to teach Mac users
> Windows. Hmmm...

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