Excellent points Ed! Just the kind of input I hope to hear more of and help create in the future.  I specifically came here to Vermont for many of the reasons you mention.  Michigan was a 1-to-1 state just prior to Maine and the district I was in was the pilot system, along with two other districts in the State.  It was a great learning experience and I just noticed many similar early reflections as this article brought up.  I also remember many wonderful things happening at the same time.  A bird in the hand :-) Thanks again Ed for your comments. 
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>Sometimes educational practice is to launch expectations and then look
>for the oars that are suppose to power the ship;  something that seems to
>find us setting teachers adrift.


Interesting reading... but as he himself states.. a bit of "quibbling."

I think that for many here in Vermont the only way they have been able to
move the technology ship forward was to "launch the expectations and then
look for the oars." Unfortunately, at least some of our experiences have
been if you don't do it this way, it doesn't get done at all. So we launch
it and attempt to power and steer the ship as best we can.

Maine may not be doing it perfectly... but I wouldn't mind being in their
shoes.  On the other hand, I think Vermont has made tremendous strides
without state funding. Look at the work done on the State Technology Plan
and the follow up work beginning with the Advisory Committee.  We have
Technology Grade Expectations and Performance Tasks. We have groups like
VITA-Learn NorthWest and the Vermont Data Consortium.  We have someone at
the DOE who represents our ideas and concerns. And this lists...  I may
not agree with everything that is written but I love the passion.  The
list goes on. We still have a long way to go but I'm pretty proud of what
this small state has done without the big bucks.  Just think of what we
might do with the proper funding.

I totally support the idea of "trying to get ahead of the curve with
support." But as we continue to try (and we must), lets celebrate the
wonderful work that everyone has done and, as in the past,  cooperatively
build on it.

Finally, thanks for the work you are doing with trying to bring the
technology integration people together.  With people like yourself
committed to trying to make it work, we can only keep improving.



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