Hugs Vince ... you don't really think the folks here are going to let you just slip away with a few emails.  Two more bake sales and we have enough to off you properly :-)  Everyone who is going on vacation....have a nice one!
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>No, you weren't funny and that's why I had to tickle myself!


I may not have been funny, but I WAS being ironic - in both my replies
to you - and you obviously missed that.
So, you may, in fact, have an excellent sense of humor, while not
having a highly developed sense of irony - which is not uncommon in
folks who are technically-oriented.  Or I, myself, may have no ability
to actually convey irony in an email message.

>You seem to keep losing focus on the topics or issues.  Work on that!

I'm not actually LOSING focus so much as AVOIDING focus.  And that may
be a problem for many folks on this list.  I do tend to play the court
jester.   I have not had negative feedback about that before, but that
may be because most people who feel that way don't want to be
confrontational about it.

There may be many who, like you, apparently, are wishing I'd just shut
up and let them stick to business.  If that is the case, I would be
pleased (honestly) if they would email me off-list and let me know that.
 If I receive a number of such emails, I will endeavor to stifle

In the meantime, I'd suggest people who are annoyed by my shenanigans
make an email rule sendiing any message from me directly to trash.
Don't even let me pass GO and collect $100.  I'll be fine with that.


>You want me to keep working at what?  I do have a sense of humor.  To
>bad you don't know me too well, yet!
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>>Good one.  Hang on, I'm trying to tickle myself 'cos it's so funny!!
>Let me see if I can parse this one:  tickling yourself would make you
>laugh, but if I were being funny THAT would make you laugh and you
>wouldn't need to tickle yourself.  Hmmm.   Oh!  I get it!  You were
>being ironic!  This is probably what you meant about starting to post
>jokes, right Harjit?
>Great start.  Keep working at it.  I can tell you've got a sense of
>humor in there somewhere.  :-)
>:-) Vince :-)