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Subject: Prof. Ignacio Chapela files lawsuit against UC
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 22:02:44 -0700

Dear friends and colleagues,

Yesterday, embattled professor Ignacio Chapela announced that he had
filed a lawsuit with the University of California, claiming that his
denial of tenure was directly related to his criticism of close
University-corporate relations. "It was time to open my case up to
the purview of the state of California, the nation and the world,"
Chapela said in a press conference. "It is with happiness that I come
to the court to do what the university has not been able to do.... My
hope is that this action will open up the case to the public of
Berkeley, this country, and the world."

Prof. Chapela explains the contents and motivation of his lawsuit at
his new website for the Pulse of Science project,
<> .

Prof. Chapela emphasized that he has been reluctant to move his
struggle for tenure into the courtroom, and that he believes that his
action will help the University return to its true mission. He also
expressed frustration with a court deadline, which forced him to make
the filing this week.

Under an agreement reached with the University in December, his
tenure case is being partially re-reviewed. It was returned to the
final advisory committee. It was at this stage in 2003 that original
the "budget committee" gave the only negative assessment of his
tenure. That committee included at least one member with close
relations to the biotechnology industry, and who had publicly
criticized Prof. Chapela in the past. The current budget committee
includes all new members, and a new Chancellor will now make the
ultimate decision on the professor's tenure.

In the meantime, Prof. Chapela retains his position, although he is
not teaching or supervising graduate students. It is likely that the
university administration will reach its decision on tenure in June
and, regardless of the outcome, claim that the system has worked.

Prof. Chapela's new website contains an in-depth statement explaining
his position:

This update, and other information, is at

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In December, we announced a rally to support Prof. Chapela during his
last scheduled day of teaching. Approximately 200 supporters turned
out, and marched to the Chancellor's office to deliver statements of
support for Prof. Chapela, including the statement that many of you
signed. We thank you for you support!

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