Oaxaca, April 15, 2005


      In addition to my last "mass" mailing with info about my most recent
essay, I have also posted two earlier essays by Jeffrey Blankfort. The three
items are:

"The Jewish Threat -- Real or Imaginary? -- Trying to learn the truth", GS,
Apr 9, 2005

"The Israel Lobby and the Left -- Uneasy questions", Jeff Blankfort, Jan 2003

"War for Israel", Jeff Blankfort, Jan 2004

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Oaxaca, Saturday, April 9, 2005


      This is probably the most difficult essay I've tried to write. I'm
afraid that some of my Jewish friends will become, if they read it, my
former friends. It was done under the shadow of a February 18 report by
former UN arms inspector and Marine officer Scott Ritter (who was totally on
target before the Iraq War on that country's lack of weapons of mass
destruction) that Bush had already "signed off" on a bombing of Iran in
June, barely two months from now. That is a terrible threat which we must
try to prevent being carried out.

The Jewish Threat — real or imaginary?
trying to learn the truth

Mark Bruzonsky,[1] Joe Bageant,[2] Ray McGovern[3]

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March 25 - April 9, 2005

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      I’ve been working on what I intended to be my next rant, tentatively
titled “The Pageantry of Joe Bageantry”, but I’m putting that aside for the
moment because of the urgency of trying to prevent a threatening attack
against Iran — over which ominous war clouds are forming, or more
accurately, being stirred up.

      Joe Bageant’s recent essay, “Drink, Pray, Fuck, Fight: How the
Scots-Irish screwed up America”,[4] was posted on a number of internet
sites, as were many of his essays during the past year. One of the sites
that I think has them all, The Smirking Chimp,[5] invites readers to post
their reactions on the site immediately following an article. Joe got taken
to task by some of his readers for framing his essay in terms, as they saw
it, of the influence of Scots-Irish blood-lines, which he said had
penetrated a large fraction (almost a third) of the American population. He
. . .
      The complete essay is posted at .

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