Dear UVM Students,

1.   SGA unveils the student Bulletin Board!!
        - Offer and get rides, buy/trade/sell class material, textbooks and more
        - Pledge, for one weekend, to be drug and alcohol free
        - APRIL 14-17
        - Attend 9 Different Events
        - Get FREE Stuff, Win Prizes, Meet New People, Have Fun!
3.   Food Salvage Hunger Banquet
        - Tickets are $5, April 16
        - Buy tickets in Cook Commons 10am-2pm
4.   New Middle Eastern Studies Club
        - Please note the correction in the time
        - Check out the club on April 14, 5pm Billings by the fireplace
5.   Do you need a massage to relax before finals?
        - Athletic Medicine Massage Nights
        - Tonight in Patrick Gym 6:30-8:30pm
6.   3rd Annual DREAM SPRING THING
        - April 15 from 4-7pm on Redstone Green
7.   Poetry SLAM!!
        - Tonight at 7:30 in the CWP Rotunda
        - Sponsored by UVM Coalition Against Tobacco
8.   Spring Fest 2005
        - Get the details about the biggest event at UVM
9.   ALANA Talent Show
        - April 16th, read more info below

~Check out the Student Government Association website anytime to find contact
information and campus events or find more events at

1.  Unveiling of the new student Bulletin Board!!   ----------------------------

Are you trying to sell your Machiavelli book but can’t find a buyer?
Do you need a ride home for the weekend?
Do you want to buy another UVMer’s intro to biology textbook?
Need to swap a course book, trade a ticket, gets some used skies?

Well you now have a place to do everything mentioned above and a whole lot

                              Go to SGA’s newest website:

-You will have to enter your UVM name and password to enter the ride board and
to post anything to the bulletin board.
-If you would like to see other topics added to this site e-mail Ajay at,
[log in to unmask] or stop by the SGA office in B-156 Billings and leave a
note with the secretary.
-Thank you to Student Life for creating the ride board webpage.

And remember that you can grade your landlords too.  This will help students
moving off campus to be cautious of certain landlords.  The landlord evaluation
is at  Check out the site if you are moving off
campus for next year.

                   Don’t forget that as a tenant you still have rights!!

2.  FREE FOR THE WEEKEND   ----------------------------

                          FREE FOR THE WEEKEND: APRIL 14-17

•       Attend 9 Different Events
•       Get FREE Stuff
•       Win Prizes
•       Meet New People
•       Have Fun!


Thursday, April 14
12pm: Women at Noon Series:  Alcohol Awareness Month with Bailey Osbourne @ the
Women’s Center
9:00pm: CATS Comedian: Amy Anderson @ Billings, North Lounge
11:00pm: “Midnight” Hike to Philo, Meet at Billings Fireplace @ 10:45pm

Friday, April 15
5:00pm: Salsa and Appetizers @ CWP Rotunda: Learn to Dance!!
9:00pm: UVM PM Concert @ Harris/Millis: Live music, smoothie bar, twister, and

Saturday, April 16
12:00pm: UVM Baseball Game, Meet at the gate of Centennial Field @ 11:45am
5:00pm: Cooking with Learie @ L/L, Meet at L/L Fireplace Lounge: Learn to cook
from a graduate of New England Culinary Institute!!
8:00pm: Saturday Movie “In Good Company” @ CC Theatre

Sunday, April 17
11:00am: Recognition Reception @ Marsh Dining Hall: PRIZES, Certificates, and

Sign up to pledge April 11-13 at any residence hall front desk OR pledge April
14-15 at the events above.

            Questions: Please email [log in to unmask] or call 6-0635

3.  Food Salvage Banquet   ----------------------------

Food Salvage Hunger Banquet is Saturday, April 16th at the King Street Youth
Center from 4 to 6pm. Tickets will be sold for $5 and all proceeds will benefit
COTS. You can buy tickets outside of Cook Commons between 10am and 2pm on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. Come and enjoy a fabulous feast and
a performance from the UVM Top Cats. For more information, email Carly at
[log in to unmask]

4.  Middle Eastern Studies Club   ----------------------------

The New UVM Middle Eastern Studies Club will be meeting in Billings in front of
the fireplace Thursday 14th of April at 5pm.  The group will be meeting for the
first time.  Our goal is to formulate an educated understanding of the Middle
Eastern history, cultures, politics, and current events.  They plan on bringing
in speakers to the University, as well as sending members to conferences. If
there are any questions the club's email is as follows:  [log in to unmask]

5.  Do you need a massage to relax?   ----------------------------

Massage Nights to support your Athletic Medicine Student Athletic Trainers
When: April 14, from 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Patrick Gym Athletic Medicine Facility, (between tennis courts and
basketball court)
Cost: $10 for 15 minutes

Appointments are suggested, please email [log in to unmask] for reservations
Walk-ins are also welcome, although reservations guarantee spots.

6.  DREAM SPRING THING   ----------------------------

                         Third Annual DREAM SPRING THING
                               Friday, April 15th
                              Redstone Green 4-7PM
                Support your community by enjoying BBQ and Bands!
         Music featuring:  Tanglewood & Simplicity, The Butterfat Brothers
                             and Honey Nut Roasted
                       There will be relay action as well!

This Friday we're having our 3rd annual Spring Thing on Redstone Campus from
4-7pm.  Butterfat Brothers, Honey Nut Roasted and Tanglewood are all playing,
we're serving hotdogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, lemonade, and more.  The BBQ
is $5, music is free.

7.   Poetry SLAM   ----------------------------

If you have never been to a Poetry SLAM! here is your chance.  On April
14th at 7:30 in the CWP Rotunda, the UVM Tobacco Coalition is sponsoring
an Anti-tobacco Poetry SLAM!

The UVM Coalition Against Tobacco organized the event to
counter-marketthe politics of big tobacco and heighten public awareness
about the health risks from tobacco use.  Music is provided by DJ Super

This poetry slam is an event in which local  & UVM poets perform their
anti-tobacco work and are judged by members of the audience.  Students
are invited to compete for the $275 in 1^st , 2^nd and 3^rd place prize
money.    Poets can pre-register or the night of the event on a first
come basis.  Judges are instructed to give numerical scores (on a zero
to 10) based on the poet's content and performance.

The event is free, including an abundance of food and beverages.

We hope to see you there!  Please call Cheryl at 656-0634 for more
information or e-mail [log in to unmask]

8.  Spring Fest 2005   ----------------------------

                        Show starts at noon on April 30

           Location:  CBW Green (behind the Bailey/Howe library)
                  (Rain site Patrick Gym and Tennis Courts)

Show is FREE to UVM students with ID (tickets are still required)
Tickets will be available in the SGA Office located in B-156 Billings Student
Center and the Patrick Gym Ticket office on Friday April 15
$20 for non-UVM students and general public admission

                       The bands and musicians will be:
                                Keller Williams
                                The Meditations
                                 Jen Hartswick
                              Paranoid Social Club
                             Turkey Bouillon Mafia
                      IRA’s Battle of the Band (BOB) winner

Activities provided by SGA, CATS, and Inter-Residence Association (IRA)
There will also be a beer garden, local and area food vendors, tons of festival
games, arts and crafts, and activities for everyone.

9.  ALANA Talent Show   ----------------------------

                        The 4th Annual ALANA Talent Show

                                    April 16
                             North Lounge, Billings
                   Special Treats and lots of entertainment

                                                       (o o)

Have a sunny and bright weekend,

Bryant Jones
Student Government Association

P.S.   Here is a shout out to TJ Patton and Mark Harrison.  Oh yah, a shout out
is deserved by Rob, Kait, Eli, Linds, Tox, Jenna, and the girl from Poland!!

~ Student Government Association
SGA  |  B-156 Billings Student Center  |  48 University Place  |  802 656-2053