Dear UVM Students,

1.   Campus News
2.   Do you have concerns about advising on campus?
        - Help improve advising by answering a few questions
3.   South Asian Sangam Social
        - Today at 2-6pm by the fireplace in L/L
4.   Summer Travel Study Courses at UVM
5.   Green Up Day
        - May 7th 9am-2pm
        - More info at
6.   A Festival of One Acts
        - Tonight is the last night
        - ASL interpreted performances tonight
7.   Need a solution for moving your stuff at the end of the year?
        - These UVM students can help you
8.   Edwin W. Lawrence Debate Union
        - Club of the Week
9.   Women in Activism: Common Threads Around the Globe
10.  Will Miller Memorial Service
11.  Summer Registration,
        - Get ahead of the ball this summer or catch up
12.  Spring Fest 2005!!
        - April 30th, music starts at noon
        - Tickets in the SGA office and Patrick Gym
        - Free Root Beer Floats Tuesday in front of the B/H library
13.  Battle of the Bands (BOB)
        - Ira Allen Chapel on April 24, 7pm
14.  Davis Center Ground Breaking Ceremony
        - Come to the ground breaking on April 30
        - Ceremony starts before Spring Fest
        - 11am by the GUND Institute
15.  UVM Songs
        - Curious about alma mater songs?

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1.  Campus News   ----------------------------

Farewell to SGA Senior Senators
     SGA will graduate eight senior senators (Lee Souter, Jake Koster, Cat
Woodward, Bryce James, Elizabeth Shorey, Adam Lucas, Kelly Chamberlain, and
Dave Laman).  The three executives will also be graduating (Bryant Jones, Emily
Berliet, and Robert Day).  Congratulations to all of you and thank you for your
service to the student body.

Resolution opposing construction of arena near Centennial Woods
   The Student Government Association Senate passed a resolution stating their
opposition to the construction of an arena in or near the protected Centennial
Woods Natural Area.  Senator Ben Blumberg wrote the resolution.  The Student
Senate feels that an arena is necessary but they want insurances that green
space will be protected.  The resolution asks that the potential Centennial
Woods construction site be taken off the list of possible areas to build an

SGA creates Environmental Committee
     Following the vision to build UVM into the “primer Environmental
University” in the nation, the SGA has amended its constitution and created an
Environmental sub-committee.  The amendment was introduced and authored by
Senator Shannon Duke.  The committee will be dedicated to student participation
in environmental issues on campus and will maintain close relations with the
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Environmental

My last official all student e-mail
     This will be my last official e-mail to the student body as President of
the Student Government Association.  Please send events and other information
to Sarah Poirier ([log in to unmask]).  Sarah is the new SGA President and
is in charge of the student e-mails.  Now you will receive these e-newsletters
every week from her instead, so enjoy!!
     It has been a great year and I want to thank people for their support and
comments throughout the year.  Congratulations to the class of 2005 and good
luck in your future endeavors.  And remember, when people tell you that
something cannot be done, ignore them and prove them wrong.

2.  Faculty Advising concerns?   ----------------------------

Do you have concerns about the state of advising at UVM?  Ideas about
how advising would work better?  Here's your chance to let us know how
things are going!

The Integrated Advising committee is interested about hearing about
your experience with your academic advisor at UVM to try to determine
what improvements in academic advising UVM might make.  We'd
appreciate your help in answering a few questions (five minutes tops).
Please follow the following link:

3.  South Asian Sangam Social   ----------------------------

South Asian Sangam has something to offer you and I know you guys can't resist.
This coming Saturday April 23 from 2-6pm at the L/L Fireplace Lounge, we will
be having a social just for you! There will be food, great music, henna, and
Tsunami Relief bracelets!! And best of all your favorite four letter word that
begins with F that all college students love to hear is that it is FREE. FREE
food, FREE drinks (soda and water), great music, and FREE Henna.  Donations for
the Tsunami Relief fund will be great; you will receive a bracelet for every
donation you make. It's only in two days, I hope to see you guys there with
smiles and support :)

4.  Summer Travel Study Courses at UVM   ----------------------------

Summer Travel Study Courses at UVM

Get credit this summer while you travel, exploring different areas of the world:
Arizona, Anguilla, Belize, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Finland, or Mexico.

There's still time to register for these courses!
Go to
for course details and more.

5.  Green Up Day   ----------------------------

Green Up Day 2005 will be Saturday, May 7 from 9am - 2pm. This day of service
began on April 18, 1970 and has continued as a 35-year tradition; Vermont was
the first state to designate a day to clean up the ENTIRE state. This day will
bring out thousands of volunteers statewide for a massive clean up of our
roadways, waterways, and public places. More information is available at  If you would like to spend the day as a team
leader, read below!

The morning of the event, Alumni and Parent Programs is hosting a breakfast on
the University Main Green starting at 9am. Everyone who participates will get
an official Green Up Day t-shirt! Clean up begins at 10am and will continue
until noon when everyone is invited for a BBQ at the Barnes School where there
will be a Ben and Jerry's truck and tons of other fun things!

Sign up today to be a TEAM LEADER for Green Up Day! Being a TEAM LEADER means
leading volunteers through a neighborhood to clean up graffiti, pick up
garbage, and groom the greenbelts (green space between street and sidewalk). Be
a team leader if you are:

1) Energetic, supportive, and enthusiastic!
2) Feel comfortable leading a group of volunteers
3) Available May 7 from 9am - 2pm!

To sign up to be a team leader please call or email Jon Harris this week -
802.865.7169, [log in to unmask] - Team leader trainings are:

-Wednesday, April 20 from 5:30-7:30pm
-Thursday, April 28 from 5:30-7:30pm

6.  A Festival of One Acts   ----------------------------

                       All seats are $4.00 General Admission.
                        Tonight is your last chance 7:00pm
             ASL interpreted performances will be April 22nd and 23rd.
               Join us and watch the Directing Class of 2005 shine!

7.  Need an easy way to move out of your dorm?   ----------------------------

Volume Discount Moving and Storage, a group consisting of both current and
former U.V.M. students, is offering Moving and Storage options for students
this Spring.  Storage is often too expensive for students and near impossible
for those without vehicles.  VDM will meet you at your room, move your stuff to
a safe, bonded storage facility in Burlington and store it for the entire
summer for only $200. Return service is also available.  To sign up, visit  Space is limited.

8.  Lawrence Debate Union  ----------------------------

The University of Vermont's endowed debating program. Open to all, it enters
competitive debating contests throughout the world. It is one of the largest
and most successful debate programs in America, regularly finishing in the top
ten among American colleges and universities.  For more information check out
their website:

9.  Women in Activism   ----------------------------

              Women in Activism: Common Threads Around the Globe

                          WATERMAN MEMORIAL LOUNGE
                     (corner of College and So. Prospect)

                           Thursday April 28, 6-8pm

                         free and open to the public

                for info call Global Justice Ecology Project 482-2689

Join four activist women representing struggles for justice around the globe for
a discussion about what it means to be women involved in activism in the US and
around the world.

1.  Njoki Njeroge Njehu, Executive Director, 50 Years is Enough US Network for
Economic Justice
2.  Devorah Brous , UVM Alum, Founder and Director, BUSTAN
3.  Lesley Adams, Outreach Coordinator, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center
4.  Anne Petermann, Co-Director, Global Justice Ecology Project

10.  Will Miller Memorial Service   ----------------------------

                      Will Miller Memorial Service
                        Sunday, April 24 at 2pm
                     Unitarian Universalist Church
                             Burlington, VT

A memorial service for Will Miller, long-time professor at the
University of VT and social justice activist, is planned for Sunday, April 24 at
2pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church (corner of Church and Pearl Streets)
in Burlington, VT

Tax-deductible donations can be made to the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture
Series, established in his honor. Checks should be made out to Ann Lipsitt, at
10 Machia Hill Road, Westford, VT 05494, designated for the Lecture Fund.

11.  Summer registration   ----------------------------

             You can still register for Summer 2005 courses.

                  Go to

For the complete list of summer courses go to or
pick up a summer Focus catalog at the Student Information Center in Waterman.
While you are there, ask about financial aid for summer courses.  Applications
are available at the Center or online.

12.  Spring Fest 2005   ----------------------------

                       Show starts at noon on April 30

                To volunteer e-mail [log in to unmask]

            Location:  CBW Green (behind the Bailey/Howe library)
                (Rain site Patrick Gym and Tennis Courts)

Show is FREE to UVM students with ID (tickets are still required)
Tickets will be available in the SGA Office located in B-156 Billings Student
Center and the Patrick Gym Ticket office on Friday April 15
$20 for non-UVM students and general public admission

                         The bands and musicians will be:
                                  Keller Williams
                                  The Meditations
                                    Jen Hartswick
                               Paranoid Social Club
                              Turkey Bouillon Mafia
                      IRA’s Battle of the Band (BOB) winner

Activities provided by SGA, CATS, and Inter-Residence Association (IRA) There
will also be a beer garden, local and area food vendors, tons of festival
games, arts and crafts, and activities for everyone.

Throughout the week there will be events in front of the library:
Monday - IRA
Tuesday - Root beer float Day
Wednesday - WRUV - Bryant will you remind WRUV about their day
Thursday - CATS
Friday - SGA

13.  Battle of the Bands   ----------------------------

Get ready for the Battle of the Bands (BOB) hosted by the Inter-Residence
Association (IRA) on April 24, 7pm in Ira Allen Chapel.  The band that wins the
competition this Sunday will be the opening act at Spring Fest 2005.

14.  Davis Center Ground Breaking Ceremony   ----------------------------

Students are invited to participate in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Dudley
H. Davis Center, a vital addition to the campus and the community that will
transform the UVM experience in the years ahead.

The Dudley H. Davis Center will be sited at the heart of campus, along Main
Street between Morrill and Terrill Halls. The building's exterior design and
surrounding green space along Main Street will create an attractive new "front
door" for UVM and for Burlington itself, and provide a strong visual link with
the historic structures fronting the UVM Green.

For more information check out:

15.  UVM’s Songs   ----------------------------

UVM Fight Song

Let's fight for Vermont,
Let's fight for Vermont,
Our Alma Mater dear.
Let's fight for Vermont,
Let's fight for Vermont,
Whose friends have ne'er known fear!
And we will tear up our mighty rivals,
As we pile score on score.
Come on, let's fight, fight, fight for Old Vermont,
Vermont for ever more!

Don't Send My Boy to Harvard

Don't send my boy to Harvard,
The dying mother said.
Don't send my boy to Eli Yale,
I'd rather se him dead.
But send my boy to Old Vermont,
It's better than Cornell.
And rather than to Norwich,
I'd see my boy in _____!

Vermont, my Vermont.
My heart yearns for thee.
Yearn for they campus,
And the old pine tree.
Long may we cherish those dear days of old,
Long may we cherish the Green and the Gold!

                                                      (o o)

Happy Earth Day,

Bryant Jones
Student Government Association

P.S.   My last official shout-out as SGA President is to Amanda Randow.  Thank
you for all of your support.  You are wonderful.

~ Student Government Association
SGA  |  B-156 Billings Student Center  |  48 University Place  |  802 656-2053