Spent Saturday around Lake Champlain.  Plenty of Waterfowl in evidence.  19
species tallied for the day.  This included:

2 small groups of Snow Geese (3 and 5) and plenty of Canada Geese.
Gadwall were seen at Button Bay (3), Shelburne Bay (5) and N. Hero/G Isle Bridge
(20+) and Otter Creek (1)
American Wigeon: Otter Creek
Blue-winged Teal:  Otter Creek (4)
Norethern Shoveler were seen at Button Bay (2) and N. Hero/ Grand Isle Bridge
Northern Pintail: Button Bay (1), gap betweeen N. Hero and G. Isle (2) and Otter
Creek (1).
Green-winged Teal: Otter Creek and Dead Creek.
Ring-necked Duck: Good numbers and widespread
Greater and Lesser Scaup (1): N. Hero/G. Isle.
Red-breasted Merganser: Shelburne Beach: (3)

Northern Harrier: 3 (2 males)
Rough-legged hawk (1) dark phase.
Kestrel: 5 (3 Addison / 2 Grabd Isle

Belted Kingfisher: Shelburne Bay (1)

Northern Flicker: Button Bay (1)

Eastern Phoebe: widespread

Horned Lark:  Addison (3)

Tree Swallows: Large numbers at Shelburne Beach, Button Bay

Yellow-rumped Warbler:  Fort Cassin (2)

Chipping, Savannah, Fox, Song, Swamp Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos.  Fox
Sparrows seemed to be everywhere on Grand Isle.

Rusty Blackbirds amongst Re-wingeds and Grackles at Fort Cassin.

76 species in total.  Great day to be birding.

John Sutton