A late afternoon walk at the Colchester Point bike path turned up a variety
of interesting waterfowl including an unexpected Tufted Duck sighting.  A
single adult male with distinctive crest was hanging out just to the north
and west of the point and causeway amongst a small raft of Ring-necked
Ducks, Lesser Scaup, and a few Common Goldeneyes.  This sighting was
confirmed by another birder, Greg Cushing.  We both watched the Tufted for
quite sometime during which we observed the bird shaking his crest out upon
resurfacing from his dives.

I also wanted to mention the large flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds we saw
streaming high above the lake at dusk.  Most of the flocks were heading due
North.  What an amazing sight to behold.

Today, I spent part of the afternoon birding in Addison County around Dead
Creek, Crown Point, and the Cornwall Swamp.  Highlights for the day

4 American Kestrel on Rt 23 (Weybridge) and 17 (Addison),

Tree Swallows(5), American Widgeon (4), Green-winged Teal (3), and singing
Horned Larks  at Dead CreekWMA,

several hundred Common Mergansers (300+), Bufflehead (4), Common Goldeneyes,
Ring-necked Ducks, and one pair of Barrow's Goldeneyes at the Crown Point
Bridge.  The Barrow's were spotted from the New York side of the lake near
the large dock leading to the monument at the campground.  (does that help?)
  I was lucky to see these at very close range and had beautiful looks at
the male's cresent shaped facial spot and white patches on the scapulars.

Woodies (6), Hoodies (2), Woodcock, Song Sparrows, and several singing Brown
Creepers at the Cornwall Swamp (Swamp Rd).  Robins were practicing their
evening chorus with several  birds singing, whinnying, and tutting from the
budding Red Maples!

It's been a few good days of birding!  Hope everyone is enjoying the spring

Brendan Collins