A beautiful day at West Rutland Marsh for our
38th monthly monitoring walk. Spring is well
underway at the marsh. 28 participants, including
a large contingent from the Green Mountain Club,
helped tally 46 species!

Of particular note were 4 American bitterns, 3
Virginia rails (seen AND heard!), 1 eastern
kingbird, 4 Wilson's snipe, 2 northern
rough-winged swallows, 12 swamp sparrows, and
numerous red-winged blackbirds (including 2

Also seen and/or heard were 5 great blue heron
(one very, very high up in the sky), 6 common
ravens, 4 ruffed grouse, 3 pileated woodpeckers,
2 ruby-crowned kinglets, 2 belted kingfishers, 6
wood ducks, 3 yellow-bellied sapsuckers, 1
chipping sparrow, 16 song sparrows and 1 purple

Raptor-wise, 3 northern harriers, 1 broad-winged
hawk, 6 red-tailed hawk and 6 turkey vultures
were seen.

Sue Elliott

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