Dead Creek WMA was alive with bird activity earlier this evening!  At dusk
three Short-eared Owls were actively feeding along route 17 near the goose
viewing platform.  Each of these birds came incredibly close for excellent
viewing.  I was amazed at these individuals overall dark color (almost
russet) and bright golden-yellow eyes.  They were very aware of our presence
but seemed unconcerned overall...Quite a treat!

Also at DCWMA:

1 American Bittern (giving partial vocalizations from the Brilyea Access
cattail marsh)

1 Black-crowned Night-heron

2 Canada Geese each with a silver band on the left leg. (one of these seemed
to have a slight limp- rehab birds?)

3 Osprey

singing Horned Larks and Meadow Larks,

Several Swamp, Savannah, & Song Sparrows, several Tree Swallows, a few
killdeer, and huge flocks of male Red-winged black birds mixed with Cowbirds
(migrants I would imagine)!

very few ducks!

Brendan Collins, Middlebury

Greg Cushing