This is the Vermont bird report for Friday, April 22, 2005 covering the
period April 15-22, 2005.

               Two COMMON LOONS were seen from Shelburne Farms on April

               Two PIED-BILLED GREBES were seen at Dead Creek on the 18th of
April, near the Brilyea bridge, in the same location they were seen last
year.  Two HORNED GREBES were sighted from Shelburne Farms on April 17th.

               Four AMERICAN BITTERNS were observed at the West Rutland
Marsh on April 16th and 1 at Berlin Pond on the 21st.  A GREEN HERON was
seen along Otter Creek on the 17th.  A BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON was spotted
at the Brilyea Access at Dead Creek on the 16th.

               The last report of a TUFTED DUCK sighting at the Colchester
causeway was April 15th.

               NORTHERN HARRIERS were seen on Grand Isle, at the West
Rutland Marsh and at Berlin Pond this week.  On April 14th a SHARP-SHINNED
HAWK was discovered standing on top of a feeder in Weathersfield Center, and
one was observed at the Colchester causeway on the 15th.  A COOPER'S HAWK
was sighted in Rutland Town on April 15th, and on Grand Isle on the 16th.  A
NORTHERN GOSHAWK was seen on Grand Isle on April 19th and 21st.
BROAD-WINGED HAWKS were observed this week in Pittsford, Putney, Hardwick
and West Brattleboro.  A MERLIN was spotted in Burlington on the 16th and
20th and Victory Bog on the 20th. Two PEREGRINE FALCONS were seen in East
Barnet above Route 5 last week and one was seen chasing off 4 TURKEY
VULTURES in Marshfield on the 15th of April.

               Three VIRGINIA RAILS and a WILSON'S SNIPE were observed at
the West Rutland Marsh on April 16th.

               Six BONAPARTE'S GULLS were seen off Grand Isle on the 15th of

               Three SHORT-EARED OWLS were spotted at the Goose Viewing Area
at Dead Creek on April 17th.  They continued to be seen as late as the 19th
of April. There was a NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL on Grand Isle on April 19th.

               A RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was seen in Middlebury on April 15th.
RED-BELLIED WOODPECKERS were observed in Putney, West Brattleboro and
Proctor this week.

               The first report of an EASTERN KINGBIRD came from the West
Rutland Marsh on the 16th of April.

               BLUE-HEADED VIREOS were seen and heard in Victory Bog,
Putney, Hartland and Woodbury, all on April 20th.

               BARN SWALLOWS were sighted in Duxbury on April 19th and at
Berlin Pond on the 21st.

               A BROWN THRASHER was observed in Burlington on April 20th,
and on Grand Isle on the 21st.

               Warblers are just starting to come through.  A YELLOW-RUMPED
WARBLER was spotted at Shelburne Farms, Hardwick, Putney and Berlin Pond
this week.  A PINE WARBLER was heard singing at the Union Village Dam on
April 17th, on the 19th in Essex, 2 in West Brattleboro on the 20th, and at
Red Rocks Park in Burlington and Berlin Pond on the 21st.   A PALM WARBLER
was seen in Lincoln on the 16th of April, and on Brigham Hill in Essex on
the 19th.  A LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH was heard in Dummerston on the 17th, and
in West Brattleboro on the 20th.

               An EASTERN TOWHEE was observed in Cornwall all last week.

               CHIPPING SPARROWS were spotted in the West Rutland Marsh and
Hartland.  FIELD SPARROWS were back in West Brattleboro and on Grand Isle
this week.  Two SAVANNAH SPARROWS were seen on Grand Isle on the 17th, and 4
on the 21st of April.  Many FOX SPARROWS were seen this week on Grand Isle.
WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS were observed in Colchester, Red Rocks Park in
Burlington, Huntington, Colchester, Hartland, Charlotte, Huntington and
Berlin Pond this week.

               A ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was sighted in Burlington on the

               EVENING GROSBEAKS were seen at feeders in Hardwick,
Morrisville and East Dorset this week.

               A pair of HOUSE FINCHES nesting in an old Christmas wreath
had produced 5 eggs as of April 21st.

               A COMMON REDPOLL and 21 PINE SISKINS were at a feeder this
week in Hardwick.

                 Thanks to the following contributors whose observations
were cited above:  JJ Apple, Greg Askew, Bridget Butler, Brendan Collins,
Susan Elliott, Richard Ennis, Daniel Finn, Hector Galbraith, David Gusakov,
David Hoag, Holly Hungerford, Maeve Kim, Charlie LaRosa, Eric Lazarus,
George Lisi, Miriam Lawrence, Rex Meader, Al Merritt, Elinor Osborn, Ron
Payne, Bryan Pfeiffer, Roy Pilcher, Rick Renaud, Taj Schottland, Mary
Spencer, Ruth Stewart, Joan Thompson, David and Annalisa Web, Ron and Norma
Wiesen, Ian Worley, Aaron Worthley, Julia Lloyd Wright,

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