Good Morning All!

We had a siting of 3 pairs of WOOD DUCKS at the new "Sherman Hollow Brook Pond" created by the beavers last year. Today we'll be putting up an additional nest box on that pond hoping for one of the pairs to become residents. Also, on my early morning loop around the Peeper Pond to check for wood frogs, the chatter of TREE SWALLOWS (2) caught my attention as they swooped over the field.

Please consider joining me Saturday morning from 7-9 am for our monthly bird monitoring walk. We meet at the Green Mountain Audubon Center Office on Sherman Hollow Road, Huntington.

Yea Spring!!

Bridget Butler
Audubon Vermont

"In the child there is no separation between spirit, soul & body. Everything is reproduced in this inner being. He imitates his whole environment." - Rudolf Steiner