I stopped by Dead Creek yesterday afternoon (4/6). The highlights were an Osprey and Eastern Phoebe my first sighting of the year for both, a pair of American Widgeon, and my first ever up close look at a Field Sparrow instead of just hearing them bounce from a few fields away. Also present:

17 Green Winged Teal (seen from the viewing area)
1 Horned Lark
46 Snow Goose
7 Wood duck
27 Canada Goose
19 Mallard
2 Common Merganser
2 Great Blue Heron
1 Horned Lark
Many RWBB and Tree Swallows

The flooded fields in Weybridge near where the Lemon Fair joins the Otter Creek are also filled with ducks and geese, though I didn't have time to scope out what was present.

I also had a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker in my yard in the morning, and heard a Woodcock from there in the evening.

Ron Payne
Middlebury, VT