I believe Rob had this happen as well. I'm yet not sure what the source
of the problem is, but I do know he had to have his blog re-installed
(hopefully you backed up/exported your content?).

I've modified the posted "instructions" below to include a disclaimer
regarding overwriting an existing blog, and generally reccommend against
it until we know more.

I have been able to restore the template over my own blog (and one other
person's), but I am unclear as to why these would restore fine while
others became corrupted.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


J. Greg Mackinnon wrote:
> Well, I've only been using my blog in earnest for a few days, and
> already I have managed to break it.
> I saw steve's nifty tabbed blog page a
>, and asked him how I can do that
> too.  He pointed me to Justin's blog:
> I followed the instructions here, overwriting my root blog, but
> preserving "entries" "comments" and "authors", as Justin recommends.
> After clicking proceed, my browser hung for about fifteen minutes.  I
> got impatient and closed the browser.  After logging back in to mt.cgi,
> I was able to edit my weblog config settings away from the tabbed
> template defaults that were imported before the browser "crash".
> Now I can continue to add entries to my blog, but they never show up at
>  I can edit/delete/create categories and
> entries, successfully issue a "rebuild site", but I have no idea where
> the content is!  Any thoughts?
> -Greg Mackinnon

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