There is going to be a Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts (VAGUE) meeting
this coming Monday at 6:30pm.

Food will be provided, but you should probably send email to the VAGUE mailing
list <[log in to unmask]> so that we can bring enough for everyone.

UVM Location

     Burlington, Vermont
     University of Vermont
     85 South Prospect Street
     Waterman Building
     Room 338 - "Memorial Lounge"

Directions and Parking

The Waterman Building is on the corner of Prospect and College streets. UVM
Visitor parking is located across College street. The parking attendant's work
shift usually ends by late afternoon, so parking fees should be avoidable.
Parking, including handicap parking, is also available directly behind and to
the north of the building. This lot is permit-only employee parking. It allows
other permit passes after 6:00pm. Experience has it that tickets aren't issued
after this time, but UVM is always looking for fundraiser ideas for all the
campus construction.

The south entrance of the building on College street has wheelchair access.
The building's public elevator is at the center of the building.

Memorial Lounge (room 338) is on the third floor of the building. Entering
from the parking lot and College street entrances, the third floor is one
floor up from ground level. Doors at the front of the building, facing
Prospect street, enter to the third floor level.

Memorial lounge is at the middle of the hall, essentially, behind the UVM
information desk.