Dr. Wu, our department chair, sent the following message yesterday:

Hi All,

The Department has an equipment budget to buy several new computers
and/or upgrade some of the existing machines in Votey 369, 332, and
the PhD offices. If you have any ideas/suggestions for (1) what is
wrong in which of these rooms and (2) what should be added or
upgraded, please email them to me *by Monday 5/9 at 5pm*.


We need you to tell him what's wrong with the department's equipment and policies regarding 369.
In our view, this lab should be available for general CS student use and all equipment (computers, desks, chairs, blinds, etc) should be properly maintained.

--This lab is shown to all incoming CS students, who will not have a chance to use it on a regular basis unless they become graduate students.

--This lab is touted as the most technologically advanced the CS department has to offer, but half of the computers do not work, the computers are not regularly upgraded, and the SunPCi cards (Windows 2000) do not work well.

--This lab should be available to CS students.  The larger labs downstairs, though newer, are not always available to our students because of scheduled labs/classes.

--This lab should be a gathering place for CS students.

Please e-mail Dr. Wu TODAY. Tell him room 369 should be the recipient of any upgrades.  Then tell him we need a policy change on the usage of this room.

I have talked to him many time about undergraduate access for this lab.  Some of the professors have told him they believe it should be a graduate/undergraduate lab.  While we have not convinced him, it our hope that you will.

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