Budgetary constraints...that's a good one Laura:)  Just kidding.  See
you tomorrow and we'll make sure to eat and drink prior:)

Mike Ferrant
J.O.B.S. Supervisor
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VM 748-0215 ext 3515

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Subject: Reminder: Workshop tomorrow in Waterbury

hi everyone,
attached is a flyer w/directions for the workshop tomorrow (in case you
need them).

Please accept my apologies that there will not be coffee or bagels at
this meeting due to budgetary constraints.  I do hope you all get this
in time (please call your fellow staff to tell them so they don't show
up without coffee - yikes!).

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Laura Flint
NH-Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center
(802) 241-3966
(802) 241-3052 (fax)
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