The Champlain Valley Mathematics Partnership





The Champlain Valley Educator Development Center and the Vermont Mathematics Partnership are pleased to announce the Champlain Valley Mathematics Partnership. This one-year program for 7 – 12th grade mathematics teachers in the northwest region of Vermont is designed to increase the academic performance of 7-12th grade students by enhancing teachers content knowledge and  understanding and use of assessment and differentiated instruction; and by enhancing the leadership capacity of mathematics teachers and administrators.


 CVMP is supported by the Title II Part B Mathematics & Science Partnerships Program (MSP) to support high quality professional development in science and mathematics for 7-12 educators.


 Review of applications will begin on May 10, 2005.

Priority will be given to application received by that date.


 A complete application includes:


_____  Application for Enrollment Cover Sheet.


_____ Part I to be completed by applicant.


_____  Part II to be completed by applicant’s school principal.


_____  Part III to be completed by applicant’s district superintendent.



Please send your complete application to:


            Darlene H. Worth, Co-Program Director

            Champlain Valley Science Partnership

            Champlain College

            163 South Willard St.

            Burlington, VT 05402


Contact Information:

Darlene Worth, Co-Program Director: 802-651-5933

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Regina Quinn, Co-Program Director: 802-635-1482   

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