Believe it or not, we're still skiing in Southern California, just
over an hour's drive outside of LA. And the skiing is G-R-E-A-T!

I awoke Sunday morning and looked out the window. A gray, overcast
day. I listened to the local news: "Low level fog, increasing clouds
throughout the day". It didn't sound good, and I suspected that if it
was overcast up on Mt. Baldy, the snow would never soften up and the
visibility would be non-existent. So I called the snow report: "We're
above the clouds and the sun is shining; c'mon up for a great day of
Spring Skiing on a 3-5 foot base! We receive another 5-7 inches this
past Friday". Wow - how could that be? Here I am in LA, where
thoughts of Winter vanished in early March, and Baldy is still
rocking? I had to check this out.

The drive east was cloudy and dismal, but as I climbed above the town
of Mt. Baldy at about 6500 feet, the sun started poking through. By
the time I got on the 'parking lot' lift, things were brightening
considerably. At the top of the notch, the sun was shining as
brightly as everyone's smiles. Just Chair 3 to the top of Thunder
Mountain was operating, but the cover was as advertised. Just about
nobody was there, meaning everyone skied right onto the double chair.
And a gorgeous bluebird day! Looking down into the High Desert areas
and seeing nothing but the black, roiling tops of ugly looking clouds
made the day all the more special.

Did I mention the cover was great? Although when I started, lines
that hadn't seen much traffic were still littered with death cookies
and hard surfaces, by about 11AM, things were really softening up
nicely. This was a day to pound bumps down the main line until things
softened. After that, everywhere was covered by hero snow and made
the trees over by the South Bowl delightful.

I pounded out 16 nearly nonstop runs between 10 and 1:30, then rode
the parking lot lift back down to get home for Mother's Day duties at
my inlaws. Baldy wwill be open until Memorial Day, but could easily
stay open through June if they had enough customers.
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