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>none other. was that you and your buddy struggling up while Jim (old
>guy with goatee and Jax) and I were skiing down Hayride?

Nope.  Wasn't us.  We were only up there playing around in the halfpipe
for the afternoon.  Did see a few guys though...the dude with the knee
pads, some guy who said he had skinned/hiked 3 runs on Hayride, and some
other guy who hiked up and skied Hayride.

>I believe that was what Evan was hinting at. But is it legal? I guess
>if Ben Bloom can do it...

Yeah, what is the overall idea on car-accessed skiing after ski areas shut
down?  We attempted going up over on the Gondi side in my friend's Jeep
(went a couple corners up) and then turned around for not knowing just how
legal or damaging it is...


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