>From:         Matthew Kulas <[log in to unmask]>
Subject:      as if global warming were not bad enough
Thanks to W's policy we may loose Yellowstone. St. Helens, Hood, Shasta:
ski 'em while you can. <

I don't follow.  Is anybody saying we can't go there?

As you can see from this post I am safely back from Mt. Hood.  Saw and
photographed the steaming crater.  Smelled the sulfurous emissions too.
Skied down safely.  It was fantastic.  I'll post story and pics soon.

BTW I was both pleased and disappointed that in 10 days or so of not
reading the list I missed a mere half dozen or so substantive posts and
hundreds of snow withdrawal diatribes, i.e. meaningless drivel.  Oh well,
it's that season again.

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