Ben Bloom writes:
> It's interesting to see what people perceive as "total dogs."  I drive
> a car with 137HP, I believe.  When I see that the Civic Hybrid kicks
> out ~240HP, I wonder what would happen if the dropped that number down
> to 150HP.
> Sure, more HP is fun, but how much do we really need?

Depending on the car, 137 HP might be a rocket ship... might be a barge.
It's not the horsepower, it's the weight to horsepower ratio.  More
accurately, it's weight to wheel horsepower since an AWD system will have
quite a bit of extra loss between the engine and the wheels.  My '87 S-10
Blazer with the aerodynamics of a barn door weighed 3,200 pounds and had
125 HP.  I'd call that a total dog.

Diesels have good torque at low RPM but not much horsepower.  This gives
them decent 0-50 times but they're sluggish going from 50-70.  A hybrid
could fix this since the electric motor could kick in when the car senses
that you want rapid acceleration.


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