I have a 2004 Honda CRV, with AWD (it's really front real drive with the rear
wheels kicking in when slippage occurrs upfront), and 5 speed stick.  I average
about 25 MPG for all of my driving.  Interestingly, driving on the higway at 70
MPH also gets me 25 MPG, while driving faster then that results in worse MPG and
driving slightly slower results in better MPG (drove most of the way home from
Stowe one weekend at about 60 MPH during a snowstorm and got about 27/28 MPG on
that trip).

Interesting note: one would think that with Honda's success in making Hybrids,
along with the public's desire, Honda would come out with a Hybrid CRV (it's a
perfect choice with weight under 3,500 lbs. and unibody construction).  Yet
they've anounced they will not even comsider it for the next few years (I'm
betting Toyota comes out with a Hybrid RAV that will make Honda sorry they made
that decision).


>Still, the used market offers better AWD mpg options... Older Honda CR-Vs
>with the 2.0 instead of the current 2.4 might get 30+ highway.  88-91
>Civic Wagons definitely did, as did the truly ugly 85-87 versions of the
>same car, though many of those in the NE have turned into rustdust
>already.  And there's always the trusty Subarau Justy.  Kathleen had one
 >of those scary 3-cylinder things that did okay by her.  Sometimes going up
>the Hills on I-64 in VA we had to get out and push it though... not
>exactly powerful.
>-Jim B.

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